Our culture

Research and development

buy azithromycin online Europe http://www.faeganspub.com/?f=price-of-metronidazole-Australia R&D expenses entrusted to OliKrom receive approval to CIR (Research Tax Credit). OliKrom designs and processes a unique solution, in confidence, that meets your specifications. We turn knowledge into wealth.

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  • Deepening specifications
  • State of the Art – Literature search
  • Achieving proof of concept / feasibility study
  • R & D developments of medium / long term
  • Accompanying pre-industrial tests
  • Pre-industrial and industrial production
  • Analysis and Quality Control
  • Operator Training


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http://actiononaccess.org/?c=where-to-buy-ciprofloxacin-online Innovation and creativity are highly competitive sectors where each company is trying to stand out, to create added value, differentiation for new market opportunities.

http://www.wanderingbears.co.uk/?w=buy-zithromax-New-Zealand lowest price for bactrim OliKrom works closely with many companies, small and large groups, and participates in the development of innovative projects.

https://courtneybarnett.com.au/?c=buy-amoxicillin-in-New-Orleans-Louisiana-LA-USA To protect themselves, but also to protect its customers, order tetracycline from Canada OliKrom works under confidentiality agreement in 90% of its collaborations.

http://www.olvarwood.com.au/?o=metronidazole-dose-for-dog-ear-infection In an ethical concern, amoxil interaction with cialis OliKrom undertakes to disclose on its website the name of any companies with which confidentiality agreements were signed.

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