Télématin France2 presents OliKrom, a deeptech from the New Aquitaine Region.

OliKrom, the colorful stratup

Discover the activities in “color intelligence” at the service of industrial safety and industry of the future 4.0. Imagine what could be our world if the color was able to change around us! .. An example, the development of a luminescent paint for road marking capable of charging the day and light up at night to increase # visibility and # security.

What is the deeptech movement?

Whether you write deeptech or deep tech, the term always refers to startups that offer products or services based on breakthrough innovations. Their ambition? Tackle the resolution of the major challenges of the 21st century: a new technique to fight against cancer or against climate change, for example. And all areas are concerned.

The interest in deeptech is global and France can count on the excellence of its research to shine in this field. Moreover, in order to make France a world leader in deeptech, Bpifrance has been, since 2019, the operator of the Deeptech Plan, which aims to double the number of research startups by 2023.

OliKrom, a deeptech from Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Expert in color intelligence, OliKrom has been designing innovative pigments for more than 6 years, custom-built to provide concrete solutions in many sectors. OliKrom’s adventure begins with more than 15 years of research conducted by Jean-François Létard at the CNRS, resulting in the filing of several patents around the intelligence of colors.

The applications are endless … Since its creation in 2014, the Gironde company has continued to expand. Olikrom operates in all sectors; aeronautics, space, food, cosmetics, medicine … A simple modification of the structure of the pigment makes it possible to program the color changes to create indicators of safety, compliance, or authenticity.