Customization and smart colors

The market of personalization, the first attempts …

In the article of the of 18th July 2017, V. Leboucq titled the “Personalization of mass“. “The oxymoron may surprise you. Customization refers to tailor-made and luxury, while the mass evokes the opposite, the industrial series, standardization and non-choice. And yet, new technologies have opened the era of customization for all, a kind of “hacking” on a large scale. “People are given the impression that they have access to tailor-made solutions,” says Aude Legré, director of brand strategy at Peclers Paris, the trends agency. “

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "personnalisation nikeiD"“The message was received five out of five by Citadium, which targets the Millennials. For them, the subsidiary of the Spring has laid out a space dedicated to the “customization” of the sneakers. NikeiD, the online personalization service of the world’s number one sports shoe, had paved the way. Uniqlo does the same at shopping events where customers are invited to create the pattern that will end up printed on their T-shirt.

In the automobile too, customization tends to become standard. DS has made it the cornerstone of its upmarket. “For the DS 3, there are 3 million different combinations, except for the engine, color of the roof, body, dashboard, rims …. “Explains marketing director Arnauld Ribaud. The new model DS 7 Cross Back, of which the presidential version was discovered with Emmanuel Macron, is offered to the public in four ranges of style and different prices with, for the interior fittings, a choice of varied inspirations which leave little chance for future owners to cross the roads with a model identical to theirs.

For brands, the objective is always the same. “Creating more intimacy with consumers to ensure their loyalty,” notes Jean-Marc Liduena, senior partner in charge of “consumers & industrial products” at Deloitte France. Sometimes this much sought-after privacy is too expensive. Coca-Cola has experienced this. After making the buzz by offering consumers to put their first name on the bottle label, “they quickly stopped because of the extra costs that this entailed in the bottlers,” says this marketing specialist. Coca revised down her ambitions to retain only the 250 most commonly given first names that had to be found in shelves. The confectioners had less difficulty in embarking on ultra-personalization. After the 3 D printers installed in stores to create his candy, Lutti recidivates with My Fizz box, self-mailing boxes in a few clicks. The consumer chooses his favorites (Colafizz, Koala, Bubblizz, Rabbits …) as well as the decoration of the box. “

New technology: Color-changing smart materials

In this universe of customization and “tailor-made”, the potentialities offered by new technologies, such as intelligent materials with color change, are considerable.

Thermochromic materials allow an object to change color under the action of temperature and photochromic materials under the effect of light. The product can be mass-industrialized in a single color and customized in-store. A simple physical modification (heat treatment, optical, …) allows to write a message, create a sense of belonging, an exclusivity.

In the near future, the combination of these smart materials will make it possible to generate objects indefinitely modifiable in colors. Depending on the time of day, an object will look serious or relaxed! Market potential is limitless.

In this context of enhancing the smart of colors, OliKrom supports industrials from all sectors in their innovation process, from idea to recurrent production, including support services for analysis and quality control.

The expertise of its team allows to design the smart solution adapted to the specifications, and then to formulate and produce on an industrial scale, inks, paints and/or functionalized masterbatches.

Our team of experts doctors, engineers, … is at your disposal.