This phosphorescent paint can shine the road during the night!

More than encouraging tests

The OliKrom start-up based in Pessac (Gironde) specializes in smart pigments that react to heat, shock and chemicals. Since October 2018, two kilometers of cycle track crossing an undergrowth are in test phase. However, it is a track with a phosphorescent paint containing pigments absorbing sunlight during the day, to better restore it during the night. 

According to the manufacturer, the phosphorescent effect can last about ten hours and can distinguish the road between 50 and 100 meters further than with a conventional painting. In addition, the formula of the painting is the subject of a patent – and obviously has not been communicated. A few years ago, we were talking about a section of the intelligent highway that uses a similar process in the Netherlands.

Credits: YouTube capture / France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine Share

Credits: YouTube capture / France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine Share

Soon a use on the road!

Now in the process of being approved for use on the road, the paint developed by OliKrom could be used to materialize everything a motorist may encounter. Indeed, it is a question of lighting up dangerous turns, pedestrian crossings, highways, bumps and bus stops. In addition, it is a considerable asset in rural areas where efficient lighting is not always present.

Price, this painting is more expensive to the liter against a classic white paint. However, it is difficult to compare the two in terms of performance and savings. Indeed, the large investments usually made in the cabling work for lighting will be just as much savings. The electricity bill should also be reduced for municipalities choosing to use this device!

The OliKrom range

The start-up OliKrom has developed a series of specialized pigments intended in particular for industrial use. For example, industrial paints and coatings capable of changing color in the presence of a solvent (solvatochrom).

In addition, this same company has developed thermosensitive coatings for the French aerospace group Safran. It is about coatings to map the temperatures of each component of a running engine! The giant Airbus has recently ordered a piezochromic paint giving the possibility of identifying the area of ​​a shock on the cabin of an aircraft, which could increase the efficiency of routine inspections.