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Life of the company

Our company OliKrom has just celebrated its 9th anniversary! 9 years of innovation, encounters and sharing…


Anniversaire des 9 ans d'Olikrom


On October 3, OliKrom proudly celebrated its ninth anniversary. This special day was an opportunity for the OliKrom team to come together and celebrate the nine years of success and innovation that have propelled the company to the forefront of the smart materials industry.


OliKrom: nine years of innovation and success

This celebration of OliKrom’s ninth anniversary was an opportunity to look back at the company’s remarkable achievements over this (almost) decade.


  • Constant innovation: OliKrom has established itself as an undisputed innovation leader in the field of intelligent pigments, developing tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers.
  • Rapid growth: In its nine years of existence, OliKrom has experienced rapid growth and expanded its customer base worldwide. Its intelligent pigments are now used in a multitude of applications around the world and in many industries.
  • Contributing to a more sustainable world: OliKrom has always been committed to developing environmentally-friendly products. Its intelligent pigments help reduce resource consumption by extending product life, which is perfectly in line with the quest for a more sustainable planet.

OliKrom has no intention of slowing down its frenetic pace of innovation. The company is already looking to the future, with exciting new projects and strategic partnerships around the world. The company remains determined to push back the boundaries of intelligent color chemistry and contribute to innovation that addresses the industrial issues of tomorrow.


Olikrom fête ses 9 ans d'existence


As we look to the future, we can’t help but be excited about what the next few years hold in store for OliKrom. With a dedicated team, a passion for innovation and a bold vision, our company will surely continue to leave its mark on the industry and inspire the world.

Happy ninth birthday, OliKrom!