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The Futuroscope has lent the City of Poitiers the "Giant's Straw": it was set up on Monday in Blossac Park

"An artistique creation must include a common object, set up in a space accessible to the public. Here the three conditions are gathered : the giant straw redefines the basin by giving it another meaning, of a place where the giant Futuroscope has come to refresh himself", explains Cyril Berthelet.

Cyril Berthelet, a Lyon resident Architect returning to his first love of plastic art because he is the author-creator of “La Paille du géant”, a work of Land art, set up in the ornamental basin of Blossac park. When the daylight decreases, the straw becomes luminescent.


A loan from the Futuroscope

This work belongs to the Futuroscope park and has been loaned to the city for the summer period. "It is one of the works that we selected in our call for projects on the theme of the Giant, in reference to the Cirque du Soleil show. Over the past ten years, we have obtained about fifty works of Land art and most of them are still visible," says Dominique Hummel, president of the board of directors of the animation park.

The "Giant's Straw" should leave Poitiers for the Futuroscope in October: it will obviously be installed in a water basin.


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The work is made up of element of ventilation duct in galvanized steel supported by a mesh and implanted in a metal base wich ensures its stability. In order to be luminescent, four layers of paint were applied in the Poitiers’s painting booth municipal technical center : a base primer, a white layer that accumulates light, a photoluminescence paint developed by OliKrom (green color spring) and finally a protective lacquer.