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A large-scale professional event

On September 14 and 15, Bordeaux hosted the APM Clubs Convention, a large-scale professional event.

Organized this year around the theme “Faces of the Future”, the new edition of the APM (Association Progrès du Management) Clubs Convention brought together nearly 4,800 members to discuss the future of man, business and society.

The main topics on which many experts spoke were:

  • THE FUTURE OF MAN: The future of society, a new era. “We are at the dawn of a new era that is disrupting society.”
  • THE FUTURE OF HUMAN ORGANIZATIONS: The future of the company, a new area. “Let us now enter the area of the enterprise and observe its transformation.”
  • THE FUTURE OF THE INDIVIDUAL: The future of Man, a new air. “And Us in all this, what will we look like?”

Video presentation of the event:

Every two years, for the past thirty years, the members of the collective have been meeting during a two-day convention to exchange their ideas and problems. This year, the city of Bordeaux had privatized twenty-two places for the animation of various workshops. “Discernment, creation, love” were the main themes of this thirtieth anniversary. But what exactly are the motivations of managers who join APM, the Progressive Management Association?


Broaden your field of vision

APM is an association that currently brings together 7,500 French executives of companies with more than 10 employees, spread across 370 clubs and 28 countries. Since January 2017, Jean-François Létard (president of OliKrom) has been a member of the APM Bordeaux grand large club.

“APM is there to broaden the field of vision of managers,” explains Camille Syren, APM Bordeaux Grand Large Club facilitator. They are often alone when faced with decisions, pressure and failure. Our association allows them to get out of their solitude and their “formatting” often linked to their sector of activity or their training. We provide them with a framework for exchange and training”. APM has the status of a training organization, even if Camille Syren prefers to use the expression “transformation organization”. APM is not designed as a network where people come to do business. The groups are generally quite small (24 people maximum) and a sector of activity cannot be represented more than once, in order to establish a climate of trust. Each club is led by a person mandated and paid by APM. A president is elected in each group by his or her peers.


Monthly meetings

The monthly meetings allow members to take an interest in topics that are sometimes related to business (management, strategy) and sometimes far from their daily lives (geopolitics, science). “Our strength is the quality of our speakers, the quality of our members and the regularity of our meetings,” says Camille Syren.