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In October 2015, OliKrom received the "young start-up" company award at the national level as part of RMC's "PME Bougeons-nous" awards.

This trophy rewards the company that "innovates, invents, invests in the French economy and will certainly create jobs tomorrow". On this occasion, the entire OliKrom team went to Paris to participate in the award ceremony at the Espace Pierre Cardin and took the opportunity to meet in an unusual setting to work on the 2016 strategy.


More than 700 files... and in the end, there will be 6!

More than 700 applications were studied for each of the 7 regions. 42 SMEs were selected following the regional juries and were screened by the national jury. The 6 national winners were announced on Monday, October 12, 2015 at the awards ceremony in Paris.

These winners have each won an advertising campaign of 100,000 euros Gross on RMC

Behind the scenes of regional juries

From August 24 to September 1, 2015, the regional juries for the Bougeons-Nous SME Awards were held in Marseille, Lyon, Nancy, Lille, Saint-Nazaire, Bordeaux and Paris. Composed of regional actors of the economy and representatives of our partners, the exchanges were lively, the votes often very close.

But in fact: "how do we vote?", "what do we vote for?", "what are the criteria?", "is there a scoring grid? Questions that came up several times in the discussions between jury members. Here are the answers to these questions, which are also asked by all the candidates!

When the Trophées PME Bougeons-Nous were created in 2010, Jean-Jacques Bourdin wanted above all to highlight the leaders who are moving and making France move by their audacity, their agility, their courage, their vision and their strategy, these entrepreneurs create jobs and wealth. So there is no question of focusing on a spectacular increase in turnover or a growth without common measure. The objective is to vote for an "attitude", a project, a vision, concrete actions and results. It is a whole that is taken into account!

From then on: no rating grid, no detailed study of the results, no strict criteria to be met. So just a hunch?

NO, in most cases the jury members are passionate (or not) about the company's activity and its development potential. The second element that interests them is the creation of jobs and the evolution of the turnover, even if on this last point and in a period of crisis, the stability or even the regression of the turnover were not determining factors in their choice. The third point concerns the company's strategy, projects and development potential. And to top it all off, and this is certainly when they make their decisions: it is the history of the manager, his or her career path, commitment, actions and audacity that are decisive. Why does he move? How does he do it? What are the results obtained or foreseeable?

Many exchanges take place during these meetings. After discussions, everyone votes by a show of hands. The candidate who obtains the most votes becomes the regional winner and a candidate for the national final.