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Disruptive innovation, France is falling behind

The more the years go by, the more France is falling behind in the technological and scientific fields. For example, China plans to spend 60 billion dollars in the field of artificial intelligence in 2025, while France plans to spend... 1.7 billion (let's keep in mind that the population is not the same). Mysteriously, however, it remains one of the most innovative countries: according to a study by Bloombeg, France ranks 9th among the most innovative countries in 2018.


OliKrom, creator of the smart pigment

smart-pigment-OliKromAfter many years of scientific research at the Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Bordeaux (ICMCB), a research laboratory of the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), researchers have succeeded in mastering the know-how to make smart pigments. From this mastery was born OliKrom, a Bordeaux-based company specialized in the production of smart pigments.


But what is an smart pigment? It is a pigment capable of changing color under certain circumstances. The pigments produced by OliKrom are able to react to temperature, pressure, light, solvent or gas. They can also be reversible, i.e. they can return to their original color once the triggering element is removed.


An extraordinary technological advance

Imagine a T-shirt that changes according to the sun. If there is a lot of sun, it becomes white and does not absorb the light anymore. On the contrary, when the sun disappears, the shirt changes color and becomes black. Thus, the tee shirt regulates its heat in relation to the presence of the sun.

We can also imagine paintings changing color in the presence of a flammable gas, thus saving countless lives. These are only two small examples of what could change in our lives thanks to this revolutionary technology.


Great! And where do we buy them?

Concerning the sale, the product is unfortunately unavailable for sale to individuals. Each production and cost is indeed variable to the desired properties (sensitivity, reversibility, format, etc...). If you are part of a company or have a project requiring these smart color changing materials, you can request a quote from OliKrom according to your needs.