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After several years of deployment to secure greenways and bike paths throughout France, the LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint created and produced by OliKrom is now distributed by Seaview Progress in the world of offshore racing, professional ships and pleasure boats. A total novelty in the maritime world!


Facilitating rescue operations at sea

With the development of marine activities, the safeguarding of human life at sea is a major challenge that requires constant innovation.

All year long, SNSM rescuers intervene at sea to rescue boats in distress. With its luminescence visible up to 80m, LuminoKrom® is an innovative solution to help them in their work and facilitate rescue operations at sea. It allows helicopters to spot boats in the open sea at night. A great help for rescuers especially when weather conditions are bad: rough sea, fog, rain…


Mark out accident-prone areas

Photoluminescent paint can also be used to mark a “dangerous” area on the deck, in the entrance of an engine hold, to indicate a step, a low place where one can bump into… LuminoKrom® is a guarantee of safety for the marine world.

LuminoKrom – OliKrom©

LuminoKrom® paint distributed by Seaview Progress

A proven technological solution

After a year of testing in real life, roof in the sun of the French Riviera, rear skirt swept by the sea spray or waterline, the LuminoKrom® paint has never lost any of its photoluminescent power. Neither in intensity, nor in duration.

Four years of research were necessary to obtain an innovative paint for professional use with optimal luminous performance, in intensity and duration, to ensure visibility throughout the night.

LuminoKrom® is an almond green paint with certified G class luminescence, according to the international standard CE ISO 17398.