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OliKrom is one of the 12 French companies with major innovations according to INPI France
Marquage LuminoKrom Innovation INPI – OliKrom©

This is a reward for all of OliKrom’s doctors, engineers and chemical technicians who place innovation at the heart of its strategy.

OliKrom was created to respond to the problems of designing intelligent products capable of responding reversibly (or irreversibly) to the action of temperature, light and pressure. Our objective is to provide a global solution to our partners from design to production to save time and improve efficiency.

OliKrom’s activity is to design and formulate the intelligent pigment adapted to the specifications, and to produce the paints, inks and masterbatches,… by ensuring the technical assistance of our customers, in the greatest confidentiality.

OliKrom assists industrialists in all sectors in their innovation process, from the idea to recurrent production.

LuminoKrom paint, at the heart of innovation for the environment

LuminoKrom® photoluminescent paint is one of the first products developed by the OliKrom team. The development of this luminescent marking contributes to the emergence of tomorrow’s infrastructures, which must be safer, more economical and more environmentally responsible. This innovation has been approved by the ADEME’s “Road of the Future” program.

LuminoKrom® road paint exploits the natural phenomenon of photoluminescence. This physical process allows the road marking to be recharged indefinitely in daylight or artificial lighting without any fatigue.

The LuminoKrom® innovation lies in the fact that it has developed photoluminescent markings that are very resistant outdoors and capable of storing the surrounding light to emit a diffuse luminosity at night, visible for more than 10 hours. This patented innovation was developed by OliKrom’s R&D department. Several years of research and collaboration with the Eiffage Group were necessary to obtain a paint that is suitable for road use, combining coverage, colorimetry and chemical stability with optimal light performance in terms of intensity and duration.

With the development of LuminoKrom photoluminescent road paint, OliKrom is part of the national effort to promote cycling as a mode of transport.

The challenge for the coming months will be to progressively make all temporary bike paths permanent while guaranteeing maximum safety, especially for nighttime travel in dark areas.

LuminoKrom paint is easy to apply, recharges with light and lights up without any electricity consumption or CO2 emissions. Many projects are underway in many cities in France and we will be happy to share with you the next achievements!