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Deeptech or disruptive innovation start-ups are attracting more and more investors


Yet France has many assets that will enable it to make its mark on the world stage, while specialists agree that Europe is better equipped than Silicon Valley.

One example is NovaGray, in Montpellier, which specializes in detecting side effects in patients undergoing radiotherapy using a single blood test. Poietis, in Gironde, designs personalized regenerative medicine therapies based on 4D laser bioprinting. Or Olikrom, which is revolutionizing intelligent materials by inventing pigments capable of changing color according to changes in their environment...

About OliKrom

OliKrom designs, produces and markets industrial inks and paints formulated from intelligent pigments capable of changing color, reversibly or not, depending on temperature, pressure or light conditions, available for every conceivable industrial application.

OliKrom is both:

- A design and development office for innovative "custom" intelligent products

- Integrator by formulating the pigment in a matrix and maintaining the desired property

- Manufacturer of color change matrices: paint, varnish, ink, etc.

- Consultant and technical assistant for an optimal implementation.