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New types of pavement can reduce noise or heat on roads

A revolution is underway on French roads thanks to intelligent pavements. Reducing heat, reducing noise pollution in city centers or even capturing natural light... These are the benefits of new types of pavement.

Many municipalities are interested in this innovation. Heat and noise are two nuisances that the city of Paris is trying to mitigate. Thus, experiments are taking place in some streets of the capital. Thanks to these new coatings, the expected gain in three years is -2 degrees in hot weather, and -3 decibels.

In Montauban, several roads have been covered with a phonic coating to limit noise. "It is a more muted sound. We still hear the noise of engines and two-wheelers, but it relieves, "said a resident on M6.

Innovative signage

But the road of the future can also be designed around innovative signage. "If you look at nature, there are fish that emit light. We have been able to master this property. The pigments used in our paint capture light during the day and give it back at night," explains Jean-François Létard, president of OliKrom, a company specializing in intelligent pigments.

In Pessac, a bicycle path has been covered with this white paint that becomes phosphorescent when night falls. This is a world first that is capable of providing 12 hours of light and visibility beyond headlights.