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At the end of 2021, we celebrated our 7th anniversary. Here we are in 2022, a year that is already shaping up to be a great one with the completion of many projects and the imminent arrival on the market of new intelligent color changing products made in our factory.

Thank you to all our industrial partners for their renewed confidence every year.

Some key figures

  • 70 clients per year
  • 97% satisfied customers
  • 9 out of 10 projects carried out under white label
  • A 90% success rate for our proofs of concept
  • + 15% average annual growth since the creation of OliKrom in 2014
  • + More than 30% of our investments dedicated to R&D
  • + More than 40% of our developments are carried out internationally
  • 5% of the company's capital held by employees

2022, the rise to power

The year 2022 is already shaping up to be a turning point for OliKrom, the leader in intelligent color change materials.


Several large-scale programs underway

Usine – OliKrom©

OliKrom headquarters - Production plant

Our Materials and Process Formulation R&D teams are involved in numerous developments. An example is the partnership with the GRTgaz Group. The challenge is to develop an intelligent coating that will enable operators to detect the beginnings of corrosion on overhead pipes, through changes in color or luminescence.

Our teams are also working daily to meet the major environmental challenges of tomorrow. The objective is to create new eco-responsible solutions, particularly around green hydrogen. To support the deployment of this future green fuel, our teams are making progress on the design of coatings capable of changing color in the event of a hydrogen leak.

We are also working to create a reactive pavement that will combat heat islands in urban areas, in response to the challenges of increasing urbanization and global warming.


Launch of new disruptive products

2022 will also see the start of production in our plant of new breakthrough innovations in the cosmetics, luxury goods and industrial sectors.

These innovations will be produced on a white label basis, in accordance with the agreements signed with our industrial partners.


+25% of the workforce

Team OliKrom©

OliKrom Team©

In 2021, OliKrom's workforce grew by 25%. There is no doubt that 2022 will be in the same line, rich in recruitment with the search for and the reception of new talents: commercial, technical, administrative...

All this is possible only thanks to you. To all our industrial partners who are by our side and trust us daily in our developments. Not forgetting our chance to benefit from an ideal setting in Pessac (Bordeaux Metropole) and the richness of the New Aquitaine ecosystem!


Retrospective: Olikrom's journey

A look back at some key moments in the company's history.


2014: the creation of OliKrom, expert in color intelligence

"It all started in 2014 with a simple observation: too many industrial developments are stopped in the field of intelligent materials!", expresses Jean-François Létard, the company's director.
The OliKrom adventure is the success of a team based in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, made up of employees who are experts in color intelligence.
From an alphabet of patented technological bricks, we design the optimal material. The material is programmed, like a computer scientist, to modulate its properties according to temperature, light, pressure, gas, etc.

We intervene throughout the development chain (proof of concept, industrialization, approval, production, technical assistance...) in the greatest confidentiality. At the end, the industrialization and production stages are mastered to deliver the product in the form of inks or paints.


2017: the opening of the industrial site

The year 2017 was a key step in OliKrom's adventure, that of the bold bet to acquire an industrial site of +3800m2 in Pessac (33).
The objective was to create a bridge between the production plant and our Research & Development laboratories to gain responsiveness, innovate, and ensure continuity between the proof of concept and the realization of a real product by integrating all technical, economic and strategic dimensions of marketing.

L'usine de production OliKrom©

OliKrom production plant©

2019: launch of the first smart product on the market

2019 is the year of the breakthrough innovation LuminoKrom®: the first photoluminescent paint suitable for road use. Once again, it was a bold gamble. It was to tackle road marking with a disruptive approach to make places safe (greenways, bike paths, etc.) in the absence of public lighting at night.

The LuminoKrom® innovation resides in the paint's ability to store the surrounding light and then restore it at night in a diffuse form for more than 10 hours, without any electricity consumption or CO2 emissions.

Peinture photoluminescente LuminoKrom – OliKrom©

LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint - OliKrom©

2021: acceleration

The year 2021 will have been marked by a strong growth in turnover of more than 30% and an increase in the number of employees, with +25% of collaborators welcomed into the company.

3 years after the first marketing of LuminoKrom® paint, the product has accelerated its deployment with more than 80 achievements and is now attracting international customers with several achievements in Belgium, Canada, Reunion, Nigeria, Switzerland...


... and today?

7 years after the creation of the company, it is a great success. OliKrom has established itself as the leader in intelligent materials with programmed color change.

Our vertical integration strategy allows us to master the properties of intelligent materials at every stage of the transformation process.

Five years after the purchase and installation of our plant, our industrial capacity has become one of the most powerful arguments for our partner customers. All the sectors for which we operate are sensitive to this: defense, transport, heavy industry, medical, cosmetics, food, space, construction...
Every year, more than 70 industrialists from all fields trust us to transform "ideas" into "breakthrough products".


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