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Life of the company

OliKrom selected by the INPI and the New Aquitaine Region 

July 2017 was an opportunity for OliKrom to participate in a collective training to best prepare the new challenges of the coming months

Employees from the technical, commercial and administrative teams, as well as OliKrom’s management, met on July 19th in a seminar room rented for the occasion in Bordeaux.

This training, created by Laurence Messager, a Human Resources consultant who has been working with OliKrom for the past few years, provided an opportunity to discuss topics such as

  • The challenge of rapid business growth and the integration of new employees in a short period of time
  • Managing a move to new premises                                                          
  • The development of internal communication around OliKrom’s values 

An evening : culinary challenge

This afternoon of collective reflection continued with a convivial evening around a playful activity: a creative culinary challenge!

The realization of cooking recipes in team was a good challenge to weld the team. The day ended with a tasting of the dishes concocted by the apprentice cooks, on the quays of the Chartrons on the banks of the Garonne!