Life of the company

OliKrom, puts innovation at the heart of its strategy

OliKrom benefits from the INPI’s Master Class program and trains its staff in intellectual property (IP).

This program is aimed at start-ups, SMEs and high-growth ETIs, which innovate by registering patents, trademarks or models.

Through the “INPI Coaching”, the challenge for OliKrom is to pursue its Intellectual Property strategy by protecting its innovations, its high potential products and its know-how, especially internationally.  

The program is divided into 3 stages and includes group workshops and individualized support.

Step 1: Group workshop and personalized diagnosis

  • Learn more about the rules of the IP game and the right questions to ask yourself.   
  • Know how to play with the tools and rules of IP in its competitive environment.                                     
  • Enrich your IP management through the exchange of experiences.                                                
  • Carry out an assessment of your practice in order to identify courses of action.

Step 2: Individualized support workshops

  • Mobilize the tools of the IP to achieve its action plan.
  • Refining by theme: IP rights defense strategy, contract management, technology watch, securities portfolio evaluation, competitive analysis, etc.

Step 3: collective debriefing workshop

  • Evaluate and discuss the achievements of the course.                                                                                                       
  • Address a specific IP theme identified by all participants.