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Life of the company

OliKrom participates in the “Differentiation is vital” workshop

The European Ceramics Cluster, AVRUL, MEDEF Limousin and the Elopsys Cluster organized on November 23, 2016 at ENSIL a day on the theme of “Boost your sales”.


The program included a conference, company testimonials and workshops to provide keys to boosting sales (marketing tools, sales strategy, communication, etc.).

On this occasion, OliKrom testified during the workshop “Differentiation…it’s vital” on topics such as: listening to the needs for the development of innovative custom products, having a differentiating approach through the provision of expertise from the construction of a specification, to the production of the finished product.

Sharing experiences and learning: this day was an opportunity for the OliKrom team to participate in other highlights of the day such as the conference on persuasive communication, the testimonies “Each company has its own business development strategy”, and the workshop “Recruiting and managing sales people”.