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Life of the company

Scientific innovation at the heart of our strategy

Since the company was founded, we have placed scientific innovation and the mastery of intelligent color-changing materials at the heart of our strategy. Each year, more than 30% of our investments are dedicated to Research & Development and we rely on our employees to ensure the success and sustainability of the company.

During the past year 2021-2022, we have continued to invest and recruit within our Research and Process Departments.

One of our missions is to remain at the scientific forefront of intelligent materials. Thus, we are constantly seeking to improve our technologies to offer our customers the best solution, the most efficient smart materials.

The arrival of new talents in chemistry, formulation, chemical engineering and industrial production within our team allows us to consolidate the foundation of the company's unique expertise.


The doubling of our workforce also involves the reinforcement of the sales, communication and marketing team with the arrival of experienced profiles.

"In an innovative SME like ours, success is above all a team's success, a set of skills and motivation", says Jean-François Létard, founder and director of OliKrom.

Our unique expertise in color intelligence and industrial production of smart coatings allows us to innovate on a daily basis to meet new needs. We do not hesitate to use new synthetic methods (organic, hybrid, inorganic) and to develop new pigments by adjusting the switching speed, the trigger threshold, the optical contrast, etc., to create new safety features and innovative solutions in response to environmental or performance issues.

There are many examples of recent developments in many industrial sectors: corrosion detection, hydrogen leak detection, etc. Of course, 9 out of 10 projects are confidential and will be produced by our factory after the development under white label.

You have a development project and/or the optimization of an innovative product? Our experts are at your disposal.