[Case study] Revealing plastic deformation with color intelligence

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The ArianeWorks project

Lanceur ArianeWorks

A major program launched by ArianeGroup and CNES (Centre national d’études spatiales), ArianeWorks is an acceleration platform designed to step up the development of future civil launchers.

OliKrom technologies have been studied by ArianeGroup since 2018. Two proofs of concept have already been conducted to validate the de-molding of composites and then to detect corrosion preventively. This third project is more specifically part of the ArianeWorks program and concerns plastic deformation.

Reveal a plastic deformation with a color change

Through this partnership with ArianeGroup, OliKrom is exploiting the properties of intelligent color-changing coatings to meet the challenges of future European launchers, which must be low-cost and reusable solutions. The idea is to develop a global solution: a piezochromic paint capable of changing color under the effect of pressure, in order to detect any mechanical damage.

Making the structure functional and intelligent is part of ArianeWorks’ research axis to gain in performance. The solution of a color change revealing a possible plastic deformation has been evaluated and the proof of concept realized is positive.

ArianeGroup’s testimony on the successful collaboration with OliKrom

“The added value of the OliKrom team is first and foremost its high level of technical expertise based on its extensive experience. A second asset is its agile method, the incremental approach that allows us to test solutions very quickly is appreciated. Finally, on a more personal note, I also appreciate the humility of the staff and the frankness of the exchanges.”
Philippe Briant of ArianeGroup’s Research and Technology Department

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