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OliKrom smart pigments


20 Feb 2015

OliKrom smart pigments

JEC Europe 2015 – Located in Bordeaux (France), OliKrom has developed a new class of smart pigments that change colour with temperature, light and pressure.

OliKrom is now a major player in the customized design, production and integration of such smart pigments. This new generation of pigments, internationally patented, is the result of 8 years of R&D maturation.

The industrial scale-up step has been completed and OliKrom holds the required design and production knowledge, and an exclusive licence for commercialization. The company can conduct customized research & development work to create a pigment for a specific application, but also ensure the production of pigments up to several tons per year. OliKrom meets the industrial specifications and, if required, ensures the feasibility tests, the R&D study, the integration into a specific matrix and/or the production of its pigments at the industrial scale as powders, paints, varnishes, inks or masterbatches. The company is involved in various fields such as security, decoration, luxury goods, aeronautics & space, eco-materials and smart textiles. In all these innovative developments, OliKrom ensures confidentiality and quality management.

More information: www.olikrom.com

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