Piezochromes: inks, pigments and piezochromic paints

Piezochromic pigments
Our expertise

To create piezochromic coatings and materials, that change color under
pressure (shock, impact, strain), OliKrom relies on 2 patented technologies:

Reversibles piezochromic pigments

Color change at a given pressure and color recovery when the constraint decreases.

Applications : visualization of the mechanical behavior of various materials under pressure (tensile, compressive and torsion loading), material health testing.

Irreversibles piezochromic pigments

Permanent color change above a given pressure.

Applications : non-destructive material testing during production, use or maintenance (folds, breaks, wear, corrosion, cracks) / Visual detection of impacts and shocks for the industrial and transport sectors.

Pressure-sensitive coatings
Our added-value

R&D bureau d'étude pigments thermochromiques R&D Unit
Expertise scientific

OliKrom’s R&D team configures and optimizes the pressure level inducing color change, the reversible/irreversible feature, the switching speed, the color palette, …

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formulation de peinture, vernis, encre et mélange-maiître thermochromiquesFormulation Unit
Custom development

Custom-designed pigments are integrated in the desired matrix (inks, paint, coating, plastics, resins, …) according to your technical, economic and regulatory requirements.

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Industrial Production
Intégration & Production

OliKrom helps its partners to scale up from R&D to manufacturing and provides production capacities from kilograms to multiple metric tons.

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Piezochromic materials
Applications domains


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We adapt the pressure level, the reversible/irreversible feature, the switching speed and color palette according to your needs.

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    OliKrom custom-designs and produces piezochromic coatings and materials for the industry, that change color under pressure. Pressure-sensitive paints can serve for non-destructive material testing and impact detection. Non-destructive testing (NDT) by visual detection indicated by a color change can be used in various industrial sectors, including: petroleum industry (pipelines, tubes, bars, welds, tanks); shipbuilding industry (hull control); aeronautics (beams, aircraft wings, numerous engine parts, landing gear, etc.); aerospace and military; automotive industry (control of engine blocks); the steel industry; boiler making and piping manufacturing; the energy industry: nuclear reactors, boilers, piping, turbines, etc. (maintenance of facilities); Railways in manufacturing and maintenance, particularly for safety devices (axles, wheels, bogies); food inspection; civil engineering and building,…