BFM Business: The OliKrom gem deploys its LuminoKrom photoluminescent paint

Bordeaux-based company OliKrom manufactures a photoluminescent paint that captures and stores sunlight or headlight light and glows in the dark.

Jean-François LETARD explains 15 years of research at the CNRS. OliKrom, expert in Color Intelligence, is accelerating its deployment. The art of custom programming the color change with temperature, light, shock, … allows OliKrom to work in all industrial sectors of construction, medical, space, cosmetics …

This startup located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region has developed the LuminoKrom photoluminescence paint which captures light during the day and lights up to make travel safer at night. Applied for the first time in 2018 in the City of Pessac, today everything is accelerating. The product seduces!

Other products are imminent. The creation of adaptive materials makes it possible to consider major developments to fight against heat islands … Next step, international opening

OliKrom and its intelligent pigments, symbols of deep tech

According to BpiFrance, OliKrom is the symbol of deep tech. Born from the work of Jean-François Létard, OliKrom has developed pigments capable of changing color according to changes in their environment … Very resistant, programmable, they offer color changes, reversible or not, completely independently. There are many applications: making it possible to spot at a glance a part of an airplane that has overheated or received an impact, imagine walls whose paint changes color depending on the time of day… In other words, ‘OliKrom is the antithesis of the easily copied mono-product start-up, active in a single market. Since its creation, it has already signed with 70 major partner groups from different sectors.

OliKrom combines innovation and energy and ecological transition

Today, the OliKrom company is the ambassador of the Coq Vert Bpifrance community. For several years, the OliKrom team has been using all the facets of color intelligence to contribute to the challenges of the ecological and energy transition by creating innovative solutions, such as a luminescent LuminoKrom paint for road marking as a replacement. public lighting, or even a reactive paint applied to buildings to fight against urban heat islands.

The LuminoKrom® solution was developed with the support of ADEME’s “Route du Futur” program, in interaction with the Eiffage Group. It is about creating the infrastructures of tomorrow, which are safer, more economical, more eco-sustainable. The challenge for LuminoKrom® is to secure accident-prone areas without public lighting.