Article Le Parisien: Companies recruiting in New Aquitaine in 2019

Le Parisien offers you an overview of job offers to find or change jobs in 2019. Here are our top 5 companies that will recruit in New Aquitaine, trades and profiles sought.

The hiring opportunities for 2019 are numerous and concern all sectors. Whatever the level of qualification, possibilities exist, including for candidates for conversion. Region by region, we have established a top 5 of what will be, according to our information, the largest recruiting operations this year. Focus on the New Aquitaine region, where the fiber optic sector will create 3800 jobs.

Our top 5 companies recruiting in New Aquitaine

1. CDiscount (distance selling) in Cestas (Gironde)
– Number of positions: 307
– Profiles: logistics, sales, IT, support functions
– Date: In progress

2. CGI France (software) in Haillan (Gironde)
– Number of positions: 253
– Profiles: IT, developers, consultants
– Date: In progress

3. Keolis (urban transport) in Bordeaux and Agen
– Number of positions: 225
– Profiles: bus drivers, tram, technicians, support functions
– Date: In progress

4. Futuroscope (amusement park) in Jaunay-Clan (Vienne)
– Number of positions: 201
– Profiles: reception, animation, restoration, sale
– Date: In progress

5. Lauak (aeronautical group) in Hasparren (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)
– Number of positions: 120
– Profiles: boilermakers, welders, technician
– Date: In progress

THE AREA OF FUTURE. The optical fiber

“We need arms, we really lack staff! Étienne Dugas, president of Infranum, which brings together all players in the digital and very high speed, beats the recall. The challenge is crucial in New Aquitaine with 3800 jobs to be held in 2019 and, according to projections, the double for the next two years. “The whole world envy us our ability to take fiber optic deep into the countryside and yet we are in surplus positions,” he says with regret.

A problem on which Pôle emploi tries to provide its expertise to detect the many skills required: “Optical fiber represents a multitude of professions: picketers, negotiators, designers, office managers, technicians, cable operators, designers, office managers. studies … All our agencies identify these needs and candidates can contact us “, summarizes Anne Bellanova, director of communication Pôle emploi in New Aquitaine.

“We are aware that if there was a brake to the development of broadband, it is the shortage of manpower”, outbid Mathieu Hazouard, regional adviser delegated to digital. “We are witnessing an ugly situation, but the challenge is to ensure that supply and demand come together,” he continues. A goal that passes through training, especially in vocational high schools: “We must rely on young people to imagine with them the jobs of the future. “

Catherine Veyssy, vice president (PS) of the Regional Council in charge of learning, sets out her vision: “We started training end 2018 which continues in 2019 in the 7 departments of the region. If we have to face a peak of manpower for the implementation of fiber, we must also anticipate the future, once it will be laid on the entire territory. It also represents a lot of jobs. “

“We had the same situation with the high-speed line (LGV) site a few years ago,” continues Catherine Veyssy. As a result, our strategy in vocational high schools and apprentice training centers must be based on the polycompetence of the future workforce, “she concludes.

In New Aquitaine, by 2022, more than 1.6 million households will have to be connected to fiber optics. The Region has invested 229 million euros in this perspective.

THE PEPITE. Olikrom wants to see further

Olikrom's painting increases visibility from 50 to 100 m. / Olikrom

Olikrom’s painting increases visibility from 50 to 100 m. / Olikrom

In 2009, when Jean-François Letard, an engineer at the CNRS, left the prestigious scientific institution to create his own small business in Pessac, he knew that the road would be complicated. Yet in less than 10 years, his start-up has risen to the top 10 global “smart” materials with the creation of a revolutionary painting. “We are the only ones in the world to master this technology that we design 100% in our laboratory,” says the boss.

Olikrom has developed a painting that captures and stores light through intelligent pigments. Once night falls, it becomes illuminating in any weather and increases visibility from 50 to 100 m compared to a classic painting. “The test we did on a bike path in the city is largely conclusive, as the one on the RN 2 in Soissons, in the Aisne. “

Overwhelmed, the Eiffage group has teamed up with Olikrom to market this painting of the future with multiple applications for road safety. “We are now waiting for a Ministry of Transport certification to validate its use on France’s roads on a large scale. “

The Gironde start-up employs about fifteen employees, but its founder is ready to change dimension. “If our forecasts are realized, with an active phase of industrialization, we should move to a workforce of 100 to 150 employees within 5 years. And other innovations should give us even more weight in the future. “