News of OliKrom

8 November 2018

Industry of the Future Awards : and the winners are … The first event dedicated to SMIs and startups on the way to the industry of the future, gave its verdict on Thursday, during a … Read More

16 October 2018

This startup produces intelligent pigments that change color when subjected to particular thermal or physical conditions. A technology aimed to detecting including counterfeit products. Manufacturers of goods likely to be copied may be interested in … Read More

9 October 2018

Specialized in “smart pigments”, the start-up from Gironde Olikrom has teamed up with the Eiffage group to create a photoluminescent paint. The first experiment is currently being conducted in Pessac. “It is fabulous. It looks … Read More

8 October 2018

  Whether it’s developing smart materials for safer roads or connected medical instruments to help doctors make the best-informed decisions, CNRS research is at the heart of a number of start-ups. We take a look … Read More

5 October 2018

The specialist in smart pigments, Olikrom inaugurated Tuesday evening in Pessac, near Bordeaux, a pilot unit. This new asset will allow the start-up company to remove the last barriers before massive industrialization of its turnkey … Read More

4 October 2018

OliKrom, the expert in color intelligence, inaugurates its new site in Pessac (33) grouping head office, R & D center and pilot production unit … OliKrom inaugurated its new premises in the presence of Alain … Read More

4 October 2018

Materials that change color under the effect of shocks, changes in pressure or temperature: the so-called “smart pigments” developed by OliKrom are a great step forward in their field. Back, with its founder, on the … Read More

28 September 2018

The result of a long-term work to identify companies, the winners for the Grand Sud region was unveiled on September 27 in Toulouse. Bringing together Occitania and New Aquitaine, the Greater South Region for the … Read More

7 September 2018

After more than six months of works, OliKrom moved in mid-July to its new premises. The industrial site is located in the municipality of Pessac, 2 avenue de Canteranne. The new premises are spacious and … Read More

6 September 2018

Deeptechs or start-ups of breakthrough innovation are attracting more and more investors, whether they are developing a new technique for fighting cancer, mitigating climate change or wanting to revolutionize education. But France has many assets … Read More

25 August 2018

The more years go by, the more France falls behind in the technological and scientific fields. For example, China plans to devote $ 60 billion to the field of artificial intelligence in 2025, where France … Read More

10 August 2018

The expert in color intelligence, the Bordeaux start-up Olikrom announces having raised 4.5 M € to accelerate its industrial development. This lifting is a new step for OliKrom, which is initiating the pre-industrialization of its … Read More